Postgraduate students, write
your research up with ease!

Are you a postgraduate student and ready to write up your thesis, dissertation or research report? This template will save you many hours of frustration! Generic functions packaged for your convenience into a consumer-friendly, ready-to-use template.


Research Write-Up Template

A template for your thesis, dissertation or research report write-up.



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Edit this Microsoft Word Document (docx) to align with the requirements of your tertiary institution.

Generic headings

Generic headings which typically form part of a research report, dissertation or thesis - from the declaration to the appendices.

Title page

Title page without page number.

Heading styles

Headings are formatted using the heading styles and multilevel lists functions.

Table of Contents

Automatically generated Table of Contents and auto-update of page numbers with the sections before the Table of Contents to be listed in the Table of Contents.

Page numbers

Page numbers including Roman numerals for the first sections and Arabic numerals for the body of the document.

Lists of Tables

Built in Lists of Tables, Lists of Figures and Lists of Appendices.


Video instructions

Clear instructions through multiple screen recorded videos for hassle-free editing of the template.

Multiple Uses

Save the template in a safe place and reuse it for all future projects.

Section Breaks

Each chapter starts on a new page.

Navigation pane

Tips on how to easily navigate between different sections inside your document using the navigation pane.

Constructing Tables

Instructions on how to give your tables a professional look, add a landscape table to a portrait document and repeat header rows in tables that run over more than one page.

Formatting Figures

Tips on creating and de-identifying images.

Other Tips and Tricks

Other tips and tricks such as how to justify text, create an "outline of your thesis" section and change the size of the margins.

More time

Less frustration and more time to spend on the important things in life.

Research Write-Up Template 

A template for your thesis, dissertation or research report write-up.